shrink wrapped: seeing through art

After a chance meeting with photographer Den Denyer, we decided to collaborate and create this selection of images. I told Den about my cling film ball "BALLS" and how I had always imagined having it photographed being held by a strong man, in an Atlas type pose. When we spoke I had just begun my training for a body building competition and Den felt it would be far more appropriate for me to be the individual holding the ball. He also added, "how do you feel about being wrapped in Clingfilm?", turns out I felt really good about it.

Den decided on a very cold and icy feel for the images, really emphasising the pearl like appearance of the giant ball of cling film. The images were taken when the ball consisted of 8km of cling film. It  weighed around 20kg.

The image of BALLS or "Ed" as Den referred to it as, sat in a chair is Den's favourite image. He seemed to fall a little bit in love with the ball during the photoshoot. People often seem surprised by how spherical it is, it's weight and feel. I guess that's what makes it one of my most successful tactile sculptures.

BALLS continues to grow.