Scraps of beauty

As a process artist I like to use one material to make many pieces of work. I am also not a fan of waste, especially when working with such fantastic materials. I kept all the scrap pieces of leather I removed from the Lexus work and I keep all my cut off pieces of canvas. 

To continue an organic theme, I decided to use the roughly cut pieces of material to make petals on a flower. The petals are stitched together, dipped in varnish and allowed to fall as they see fit. Then the flower is coated repeatedly with varnish until the flower is hard. This completely transforms the material, the leather curls when soaked in varnish and dries very hard, the flowers appear very delicate but are actually incredibly robust. Some of the flowers have been burnt and stitched to incorporate the affects used on Lexus and Autosomal. The 2 large leather flowers are actually made out of a large piece I initially made for Lexus, but it never grew on me, I believe it was destined to be flowers!

I encourage people to touch the flowers, like with all my work, they really emphasise the difference/relation between what we see and what we feel. At a glance they look delicate but to the touch they are very hard and smooth. Simply looking at the objects doesn't give the viewer enough information, to truly enjoy them, you have to touch them.