Explosive art for the senses

These are the only images I have remaining of my final degree piece. Along similar lines to Drip, I was very interested in exploring chaos in art and directing paint without using a brush.

I created a large cabinet with boxes in, this was painted white and stood up in my studio space. Within each box I placed one or two white balloons, inflated and partially filled with black paint. The title of the piece came from this original image, the balloons resting in the boxes looked to me like pigeons in a coop.

For the second part of the piece I called in the help of my brother, using an air soft gun he stood at a safe distance and shot each balloon. This process was filmed and I invited fellow students to watch.

The resulting explosions were amazing. Clear, jagged black lines streaked across the white background of the cabinet. Each entirely unique. I took close up photographs of each box and these became the postcards for my final show.