In early November 2015 I was contacted by the PR team at my day job and from Louise Ellerington who runs the gallery where my Autosomal show was exhibited. Toyota UK were interested in commissioning a piece of work. I was over the moon, assuming that it was a piece of work for one of their show rooms, which would be great.

I contacted Jonny Smith to discuss what they wanted, and very early into the conversation I realised that they wanted a bit more than just a show room painting. Jonny explained that an Executive at Lexus had seen my work and wanted to create a web documentary of my work being created and to exhibit the final piece. They wanted the final piece to be large, in the style of the Autosomal work and made out of leather.

Here is the original Hard Way video I was shown to help me link my work to Lexus:

Lexus sent test samples of the leather to see how it would work, before sending enormous sheets of beautiful leather in a variety of colours. The only brief I was given was to have it vaguely related to Lexus so an “L” seemed like a good shape to lead with.

Filming for the web documentary was an awesome experience and a really fun day. Jonny and his team wanted to film in my natural environment so it was all done in the comfort of my own home. Jonny interviewed me about myself, my eyes, art and the leather. Even my cat Steve managed to get involved with the filming. Many close ups where taken of me working, blow torch, stitching and varnishing. The team also filmed a number of my other works that are dotted around the house.

So far I have seen the first cut of the film; I am very impressed and proud. I do hate hearing my own voice, but I guess that’s normal! Hopefully the finished piece will be out in the next month or so; I can’t wait to show everyone!