Art you can’t help but touch. Seeing with your hands

This series focuses heavily on tactile art. As a blind artist my sense of touch is vital in creating my work. It has often been considered a taboo to touch artwork, hanging pieces on walls and fencing them off from the general public; not allowing them to reach out and engage with the work using all of their senses.

Of course this is understandable; no-one wants their hard work being ruined by lots of acidic fingerprints. When I began the work I wanted to make interesting textures, using bright colours so they still catch the eye but also hopefully draw the hand. The pieces are made using a mixture of sand and varnish, then covered with acrylic paint and yet more layers of varnish. The varnish allows the surface to be incredibly strong and capable of withstanding being touched by all who view it.

This work isn’t so much of a statement about my eyesight but more a demonstration of how I see the world and how important touch can be in understanding the environment around you.

Similar to the Autosomal work, I have taken close up photographs, producing amazing landscapes; the images almost place the viewer inside the artwork.