Blindling Furniture Restoration

After receiving a glue gun for my birthday I was looking for some more interesting challenges into the world of tactile art. Over the past 3 years I have pretty much destroyed what was once a very nice patio table. It’s been burnt, varnished, painted on and generally mistreated all in the name of art. I decided not to simply let it go but to use it to become a piece of art.

I began to create the new table after a waking dream moment where I visualised smashing tiles and creating a table surface by placing the sharreds in a jigsaw like formation. This ended up being quite a pain staking process, relying entirely on touch to find the correct shapes and gaps to place them in. I also discovered that a blow torch is nothing in comparison to a glue gun. I have now destroyed 4 finger tips through glue related blisters. No pain no gain!

The patio table was grouted and finished off with 3 layers of varnish, I thought the end result was very pleasing, great to touch, due to the gaps in the tiles there are small burst air bubbles all over the surface which really add to the feel of the piece.

Since creating the newly restored patio table I have begun a couple of other furnature/tile adaptations. I see it as placing art onto everyday objects I am trying to track down more unwanted tables, cabinets, desks, coffee tables etc and tiles of course!

I see this work as a true representation of my process work, deconstructing and reconstructing work to breathe new life into it.