Miles of transparency. The ever growing piece of art.

This has become more of an obsession, a test of strength and determination. The main piece within this series is ongoing, possibly forever. It is a ball entirely made from Cling Film. My friend at university created a similar ball for her degree. I was always so drawn to touch this object, so I thought in my spare time I would create my own.

The trick with this is to keep the ball perfectly spherical; the work is entirely tactile, eyes are not necessary it is all about the hands. At the point of writing this statement the ball consists of 4KM Cling film, 100 rolls,  and weighs about 8lb. It takes an average of 45mins to apply each roll.

I would highly recommend anyone have a go at making their own; I wouldn’t do a cling film ball commission, it would take too long. I also don’t know if I could ever let this original ball go.