Burning, stitching & varnishing to create intricate depth

The pieces in this series were created by burning, stitching, varnishing and layering canvas. This creates an intricate depth to the paintings. The burnt holes represent the disintegration of my retina and the way I view the world. The delicate webs of thread represent the fragile nature of my sight and finally the varnish holds it altogether, this is the hope that nothing will change.

Although there is personal expression and thought behind the paintings, I also think they look beautiful. As an artist I am always happy for someone to enjoy my pieces in their own way, whether that is deep and meaningful or simply thinking, "That would look good in my house."

As an additional process I have also produced incredibly close up photographs of elements of the final pieces. This creates a new landscape, the viewer is unable to completely work out what they are looking at. For me, it hopefully shows the viewer something they hadn’t noticed and didn’t know existed. This also enables me to mass produce my work, making artwork more accessible to anyone who might want a piece of my work.