About Claire

Studied Fine Art at Reading University, Graduated BA Hons 2007.

I was diagnosed with Autosomal Retinitis Pigmentosa, a degenerative eye condition, when I was 8 years old. At that time I had almost normal vision, however by my University years I was registered blind.

Despite my increasingly deteriorating vision I chose to go ahead with an Art degree; this was my passion and I wanted to do it while I could still see. My work both then and now tends to focus on the tactile; I like to push materials to their limits: freezing, burning, deconstructing and rebuilding.

I enjoy the spectacle in art and want the viewer to experience and enjoy my work on different levels.

Following completion of my degree in 2007 my eyesight took a sharp decline. I had given up on creating art work; I couldn’t see the point, excuse the pun.

However, in 2013, with my eyesight as stable as it had been for 3 years, and frustration at my lack of creativity peaking, a moment of inspiration, the gift of a blow torch and a desire to express myself kick-started and revived my creative passions.




At this point I have around 6% useful vision. I have night blindness, tunnel vision, macular loss and cateracts. This as you can imagine severely limits what I can see and how I see things. My work relies heavily on touch due to my limited vision. In regards to this website, I have attempted to make it as accessible for myself as possible. I can no longer read text in the traditional sense (black text on white background) the white/light colours seem to envelop the dark text making it impossible to read. All my visual reading is done in flipped contrast (white text on a black background) I can flip the contrast on my phone, tablet and computer so this makes texting, emails and websites more accessible, however for my own site I wanted it to be accessible from the get go. For large amounts of text I use a screen reader, so my emails are read to me in an electronic voice.

I hope you enjoy exploring my site.